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Lóránt Kégl

October 26th, 1972.

Budapest, Hungary



Magyar változat

Magyar változat







MSc. in Computer Science Education at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science.

Postgraduate degree in Product Management at Bánki Donát Polytechnic

BSc. in Computer Science at Bánki Donát Polytechnic























Free-lance SAP consultant ABAP/4 developer

SAP consultant ABAP/4 developer, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Database developer, Ogilvy & Mather Budapest, Department of Direct Marketing. Developing

and managing databases for direct marketing campaigns in FoxPro for Windows, Access and


Computer Science teacher, “Ad Acta” School of Computer Science. Teaching Windows, Excel,

Word and Netscape for adults

Eötvös Loránd University, 3 years long postgraduate Faculty of Teacher of Computer Science.

Bánki Donát Polytechnic Postgraduate Faculty of Product Management including a half-year

scholarship to Derby University, England. I studied Real-Time Systems, I programmed in Ada for

UNIX to make parallel processing systems. I also dealt with Artificial Intelligence and ProLog


Two-month working for the Optoelectronic Department of the 308. Army Factory in Greece. I was

involved in preparing partslist with the UNIX operating system for ordering parts which are used

in tanks and self-propelled guns

Scholarship at the University of Balearic Islands for three month. Studied: Developing of Multimedia

on MacIntosh platform. Our project consisted of making a CD-Interactive System which introduced

Palma de Mallorca. It was published also in Hungary in the Computerworld periodical in 1997.

Bánki Donát Polytechnic, Faculty of Computer Science





Antenna Hungária (2010.10.01 – 2010.11.15)
HR module:
Reports, BAdI, BSP and WebDynpro

MÁV – Hungarian Railways (2010.04.01 – 2010.04.30)
HR module:
Reports, module-pools, user-exits, BAdI

ITSH (2009.12.01 – 2010.02.28)
HR module:
Reports, interfaces, LSMW

Magyar Posta (2009.09.16 – 2009.12.18)
Client qualification (special) modul:
Module-pools, reports, smart forms

SAP Labs (2008.09.01 – 2008.10.31)
SCM module:
ABAP OO Unit-tests

LapKer – Press Distribution Service (2007.09.01 – 2008.02.29)
MM, IS Media modules:
Module-pools, user-exits, reports

Schneider Electrics (2006.12.01 – 2007.05.31)
MM, VM modules:
RF transactions, module-pools, user-exits, reports

ELMŰ – Budapest Electric Works (2006.09.01 – 2006.12.11)
ISU, FICA modules:
Migration (emigall, emigksv transactions, standard and developed objects), reports

ELMŰ – Budapest Electric Works (2006.02.01 – 2006.05.31)
ISU, FICA modules:
Reports, module-pools, user-exits

Semmelweis University (2005.12.01 – 2006.01.31)
HR module:
Reports, interfaces

Antenna Hungária (2005.09.01 – 2005.11.30)
SD, MM modules:
Reports, interfaces, module-pools

International System House (2005.02.01 – 2005.08.31)
MM, SD, FI modules:
Reports, module-pools, user-exits, interfaces

Carrier France – Hostlogic (2004.12.01 – 2005.01.31)
MM, FI modules:
Reports, special transactions, batch inputs, Data Dictionary, number ranges, ALE-Idoc inbound function modules

Matáv WorkFlow (2004.10.01 – 2004.11.30)
MM, SD, CO, FI modules:
Reports, function elements, batch inputs, Data Dictionary, interface programs
Writing several types of data to XML files

Nordzucker Hatvani Cukorgyár (2004.08.01 – 2004.10.15)
TER (special) module:
Reports, special transactions, batch inputs, Data Dictionary, number ranges
EU changes

Székesfehérvár Hospital (2004.02.16 – 2004.06.30)
MM, SD, FI modules:
Reports, module-pools, user-exits, interfaces

Hungarian Patent Office (2004.01.04 – 2004.02.15)
HR (PA) module:
Reports, infotypes

Coop Hungary (2003.10.03 – 2003.11.30)
MM, SD module:
Reports, module-pools

Matáv HR (2003.03.15 – 2003.04.30)
HR module:
ABAP-Team leading
Inbound and outbound interfaces, reports, infotypes

MOL Gáz (2002.09.16 – 2003.02.28)
MM, SD, FI, CO and PS modules:
ABAP-Team leading
Inbound and outbound interfaces, reports, SAPScripts

BW module:
Infosource ABAP routines

AUDI Hungary (2002.05.02 – 2002.09.15)
PM module:
Reports, module-pools, transactions,
Input masks for standard PM, and for PM-BW connections
BW module:
Infopackages (automatical deleting function)

ONyF (Central Administration of National Pension Insurance) (2001.05.02 – 2002.06.22)
ABAP-Team leading
HR module:
Reports, infotypes, structures in PA and PD submodules, interface programs for the “KIR” payrolling system.
BW module:
Interface programs between HR and BW module
MM and KVM module:
Reports, batch-input programs for accounting.

Matáv HR (2001.02.16 – 2001.08.30)
HR module:
Reports, infotypes, structures in PA, PD and CP submodules

GFS Frankfurt (Global Financial System for PwC) (2000.10.15 – 2001.02.08)
SD, FI, MM, CO and HR modules:
Creating functional and technical specifications, function modules,
reports, data migration procedures, using LSMW and SXDM tools for inbound interfaces

SD and MM modules:
EDI-IDOC customising, User-exits, Data Dictionary

SD, QM and AM modules:
Reports, Data Dictionary, User-exits, Forms
(Printing a “Documentation attached to product”, which must be presented to the finance while delivering
alcohol. Making a new method to search for data of alcohol properties of the delivery.)

Audi Hungary
HR module (PD sub-module):
Reports, Data Dictionary
(Making programs to maintain the applications and valuations of the courses completed by the employees.)

Magyar Posta (1999.11.01 – 2000.04.30)
HR module (PA sub-module):
Reports, Data Dictionary, Forms
(Prepare statistics on the employees from different points of view.)

Eridiana Béghin-Say (Hatvan) (1999.06.01 – 1999.09.05, 2000.07.01 – 2000.08.15, 2001.07.10 – 2001.10.12)
TER (special) module:
Reports, special transactions, batch inputs, Data Dictionary, authority
settings, number ranges
(Completion of reports, batch-inputs and transactions with authority
check in the TER module, setting of number ranges referring to the
amalgamation of the companies)

Tchibo (1999.02.01 – 1999.07.30)
SD, FI and MM modules:
Reports, Data Dictionary, special transactions, forms, batch inputs
(Modifying and correcting data specified by the client.)






ABAP course
SD module course
HR module course
“PwC methodology” course
“SAP Authority” course
“Technological Background Of Internet” course
“OOP in SAP” course
“EDI-IDOC” course
MM and FI module course
CO module course
CENTRA training





DOS, UNIX, Windows
Ada, C, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, Magic, MS SQL
Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Internet





Hungarian: mother tongue
English: fluent
Spanish: fluent
Portuguese: intermediate





Clean Driving Licence
Tourist Guide Licence in Spanish and English languages