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This is my brother, Balázs with his daughter. He works for the Laboratoire d'Accelerateur Lineaire in Paris as researcher.

My very favorite site. All about citytrams, past, present, future.
Here you can translate from quite many language to another even more complex sentences. It works quite well. Also the mistakes are funny...
Do you know that the closest relative of whales and dolphins is the cow? If not, take a look at this...
This is the Hungarian Bruce Springsteen site that is maintained by a friend of mine, too. It's pretty cool.
This is a kind of club or fellowship that includes me among many nice and interesting guys. The website is also excellent.

The Lucullus Fellowship on the North Pole! Our vice president's farewell at the airport was shown by the Duna TV. It can be downloaded from here (AVI, 60 MByte).

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